Kent and East Sussex Canal Restoration Group

7th - 8th January 2012

KESCRG and WRG Forestry at Inglesham

Words and Pictures, Stephen Davis

KESCRG’s 2012 digging calendar got off to a great start with a joint working party with Forestry at Inglesham on the Cotswold Canals.

While the forestry scratched their heads and pondered a large willow growing in the bottom of the spillway…

Tree Before

…the rest of us wandered down the canal channel to start work scrub bashing, carrying on from where the Christmas Camp left off the previous week. A good couple of hundred yards of canal have been cleared already, but there are another hundred yards or so of dense scrub to come out before we reached the boundary of the Trust land.

Next Section

So, loppers were brandished, fires were lit and bowsaws were started, and we made steady progress along the canal bed and clearing the top of the bank.

Sat Morning

By Sunday evening we had cleared a good section of the canal…

Sun Eve

And forestry had worked their magic on the willow.

Tree After

As well as tackling the tricky willow, Forestry also felled a fair few smaller trees around the basin, which were duly logged, and we tidied and burnt the brash and stacked the logs into neat piles


We held our committee meeting on the Saturday evening, and Eli produced delicious grub as usual.

The Inglesham site will be the focus of a lot of work this year, including multiple summer camps. We have weekends lined up here in the next couple of months, then will be back in the Autumn (October) to see how work has progressed on the lock…

Lock View

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