Kent and East Sussex Canal Restoration Group


13th - 14th March 2010

Woodham Lock 1 - Basingstoke Canal

(Pictures by R G Silverwood)

The job for this weekend was to install some sheet piling below
Lock 1 on the Woodham flight, to prevent bank erosion and to
provide a better landing stage for boats entering the lock.

The first task was to fetch the barge and load it up with tools
and materials for the job. As we were working on an active
and busy towpath, the emphasis on banksmen and public safety
was greater than ever. Plenty of High-Vis for everyone!


The piles were driven into the bank using a compressed air
powered pile driver suspended from the arm of a 3-tonne
excavator. Here Roy and David guide the pile driver into place.


The next step is to stand back and watch the pile going in,
keeping a careful eye to make sure it goes in straight. The job
relies on a team of people working in close communication
to ensure the piles are driven in safely and accurately.


The excavator was also used for a little landscaping around the
piles, to create a solid flat surface for boaters to land on when
jumping off their craft.


Steve guides in the pile driver operator as we conclude the
weekend by levelling off the tops of the piles for a tidy and
attractive job.




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