Kent and East Sussex Canal Restoration Group

3rd - 4th October 2009

Eisey Lock - Thames & Severn Canal

(Pictures by R G Silverwood & Richard Worthington)

A return to this familiar site for the final time this year. Again
working on the offside chamber wall, we were hoping to bring it
closer to completion, so that a series of camps and digs next year
can complete the nearside wall opposite.


Returning frequently to a site like this means that we can see our
efforts progressing swiftly through the year, with a great sense
of accomplishment. Again this month, we were joined by new
volunteers. New recruits are welcome on all digs, contact us for
more information about how to get involved.


The Chairman does what he does best - laying bricks to a line.
Many new skills can be learnt on KESCRG digs, from bricklaying
to using plant and machinery.


One piece of kit that got plenty of use over the weekend was the
brick saw, creating the half bricks, queen closures, and little
slivers needed when tying new bricks into a decaying old wall!


Gary gets to grips with the bricksaw - donning all the appropriate
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), of course!


Lime Mortar, one of the traditional materials used at Eisey Lock
and many other sites we work on.



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